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The HollyFrontier Corporation is a Fortune 500 company based in Dallas, TX. HollyFrontier is a petroleum refiner and distributor of petroleum products, from gasoline to petroleum-based lubricants and waxes. Michael Jennings is CEO and president of HollyFrontier,replacing George Damaris on 1 January, 2020. The company has primary refining operations in Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming. HollyFrontier Corporation was originally incorporated under the name General Appliance Corporation in 1947 and changed its name to Holly Corporation in 1952. Holly Corporation bought both the Sinclair (originally Texaco) and the Sunoco (originally Cosden) refineries in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2009, and announced that it would operate both as a single refinery. In early 2017, HollyFrontier bought Suncor's Petro-Canada Lubricants unit in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

A former employee had this to share in an anonoymous review website, "Just overall terrible management. Worked there for a year and clearly they don't seem to care about employees. Just really poor and I really don't regret getting laid off. Workplace culture has turned toxic over last two years. Previous stable IT management completely gutted, now remaining staff leaving in droves. Formerly stable company & workplace is now political & back-stabbing."


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